Empowering Women in Board Leadership: A Guide to Free Resources 

Tackling the ongoing issue of women’s underrepresentation at the board level is crucial for creating inclusive, innovative, and effective boards. In alignment with International Women’s Day, Renovata & Company held a panel discussion to address this challenge, featuring insights from notable female leaders. 

Event Overview: On March 6th 2024, Renovata & Company organised an online event featuring Dr. Natalia Blagburn, Rebecca Hunt, Kate Baucherel, and moderator Amy Lewin. This virtual breakfast meetup delved into enhancing gender balance in boardrooms, intended for current and aspiring female leaders, and allies from various sectors.

Dr. Natalia Blagburn’s Recommendations: 

Understanding the financial hurdles aspiring board members may face, Dr. Blagburn emphasizes the value of freely accessible educational resources.  

Here are her top 2 picks for anyone looking to start or advance their journey in board leadership: 

  • Boardroom Governance Podcast: A resourceful podcast by Evan Epstein, offering insights into the technicalities of board duties through discussions with seasoned professionals.


  • Board Intelligence: Webinars and articles providing detailed guidance on the procedural aspects of board meetings, including preparation of board packs and the execution of effective meetings.

Additional Resources: 


  • Learning from Others: According to Dr. Blagburn, one of the most effective ways to learn is through interaction with peers. Engaging with women-on-board groups or board peer support groups can offer invaluable perspectives and experiences, enriching your understanding and skills in board governance.

This guide, inspired by the contributions of Dr. Natalia Blagburn and the Renovata & Company event, aims to support the growth and development of female leaders in board roles by providing access to key resources and encouraging the sharing of knowledge and experiences within the community.